Sunday, October 23

You can't be serious

Jermaine Dye gets on base on a questionable hit-by-pitch call (actually it very clearly hit his bat), and then Konerko hits a grand slam on the first pitch. Someone out there in the umpire's union must really want the Sox to win. Or maybe it's a south Florida anti-Castro consortium pulling some strings so that Fidel will feel extra bad about defectors Contreras and Hernandez. Either way the Astros got hosed.

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Hal said...

They couldn't show a replay of the slam because Joe and Tim were completely mesmerized by the Fox Diamond Cam!!!! Wow, close and slow. If you ever want to steal McCarvers' wallet, just show him some Fox Brand highlights and wait for his eyes to roll back into his head.

Also, Dan Wheeler wasn't getting anyone out, so don't worry about Jermaine.