Tuesday, October 4

They Don't Call 'em Big for Nothing

The next man award
To Todd France, for stepping in and doing your job. Way to stay up after a brutal special teams start.

The 'Does it hurt when i do this' award
To Donnie, who resisting all common sense and playing through pain that would keep everyone of us under the covers for a month. It's his show.

The Return of the Invisible Man award
There's Jevon! Its been a long time buddy. Welcome back to the show.

The Delta Airlines award
To Sheldon Brown, who is getting ready to cash in on an overdue trip to Hawaii. He's the jam on Al Harris' toast.

The Raised in a Barn award
To the Chiefs, for dominating in the first half, but managing to leave the door wiiiide open for a heartbreaking, but inevitable Eagles comeback.

The Revolving Door Award
To Artis Hicks. I know he's hurting, but who isn't? The only chance we have this year is to keep Donnie off his butt. You can't get beat playing on the line, and you really can't get beat inside. Get it together or we're gonna be seeing a whole lot of Adrien Clarke.

The Andy Reid Cool Head Award
To Terrell, who couldn't do it on his own, but looked like Knute Rockne while sucking oxygen with his leather cold helmet on.

The Charlie Tuna Award
To Little John Smith, who continued his fish flop antics in heroic fashion on the one-yard line. One day, when I've got buddies down at the Elias Sports Bureau I'm going to find out if there's anyone who has ever had more fumbles caused by the turf. It's not possible. He did manage to catch a touchdown cleanly on the next play, but marred the incident with a terrible arrow shooting celebration.

And the game ball goes to
The O-Line, for the second straight game. I've always said that they were the ones responsible for our big-game collapses, and I insist that they get their due now that they're doing some real damage. 5 is top-2 on his own, but he's titanic with six seconds to throw.

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