Tuesday, October 18


Does anyone hit a hung pitch harder than Albert Pujols (with the exception of Vlad)? As my interest in post-season baseball settles down to only watching when there's no better sporting event on, I'm drawn to pull for the Latino players. Now, the White Sox are my real darling team, with not one, but TWO Cuban players. Cubans, B! Not to mention a slew of Dominicans. But Pujols is just amazing. He hit that ball at least 900 feet.

So what I'm really getting at here is the necessity for an MLB player Olympic-style tournament, now that baseball has been removed from the Olympics and never allowed pro players anyways. I'd put my money on Cuba, that's for sure. And all you gringos would be paying me.

*Editor's sidenote: I do not accept peso or centavos for payment of bets.*


zach said...

I might add Manny (I know, there's nothing more predictable than me showing up to Greenbleeder and blathering about Red Sox) in the hung-pitch category, if only because he humiliates the pitcher who hung it by watching the ball travel all 900 feet before deigning to leave the batter's box. There's paying for your mistakes, ERA style, and then there's just being humiliated in front of large crowds...

Also: How can you root for a team with A.J. Pierzynski on the squad?

phlintern4 said...

They are having a world baseball tourney next year. It's called the world baseball classic...check it out:


Hal said...

If you want to add Manny, you have to add Papi and Barry. Pujols crushes, but no one turns on the ball later and harder than Barry.

My favorite part of the home run was LaRussa standing in the dugout and never uncrossing his arms. I'll bet his his wife hit him in the face with a placenta to wake him up when his baby was born.