Wednesday, October 19

Al's Coolin' Down

On October 17, at 4PM, one of the all-time greatest pair of deltoids put on his Knicks uniform (a suit and tie), for the last time. Allan Houston, known affectionately as H2O, will steal money no more. He will be well remebered for his silky jumper, but moreso for his uncanny ability to not get off a shot when down by 2 with under 15 seconds left.

Allan holds the current NBA record for most trips to the disabled list and is second to Grant Hill for 'most awkward failed comebacks.' The NBA's new amnesty clause was named after him, although looking back a more appropriate name would have been the "Even Isiah Can't Blow This One" rule.

His contract is survived by Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Penny Hardaway.

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