Monday, October 3

The Search for Baseball in October

Once again the Phillies did their best and came up empty, confirming my assertion that they are built to lose down the stretch. They are shaping up as the baseball equivalent of the Minnesota Vikings. Also, here's hoping that Ryan Howard gets the ROY snub, just to keep him hungry. I can't see whats to be gained by handing him the hardware. Complacency is a killer, especially on a team with no one to keep him in line. I happen to think that he's above preening, but its not worth running the risk.

Also, mega kudos to Jimmy Rollins for putting together an unreal effort. Even though it looks pretty easy to stroll out onto the grass and jog around for nine innings, doing it day after day for six months will wear anyone down. A 36 game hitting streak is monstrous by any means, but every day through the strech is really something else. Completely superlative effort by #11, wasted by Ed Wade and co.

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