Thursday, October 6

No no no no no no

Jeremy Giambi was announced today as the winner of the MLB Comback Player of the Year award. Giambi fought back from "injuries, an intestinal parasite and steroid allegations." Allegations! The dude was jucier than a florida orange. He admitted it in a press conference. What more do you want? If Ricky rushes for 1,000 yards this year, will he be the NFL comback player? This doesn't sound like somethig Tags would support. But since baseball is run by a man stupid enough to call an all-star game a tie, I guess you never know what to expect. Maybe next season Dwight Gooden will come back from cocaine to battle John Rocker in his comeback from racism. Should be a fight to the wire.

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shpidersh said...

i wish jeremy giambi won comeback player of the year.. hell, i wish jeremy giambi just came back. its a shame someone that fat and useless will only be remembered for jorge posada not tagging his shin on the jeter flip play.

Q: what do you do with an a-rod with 3 balls?

A: walk him and pitch to The Bino.