Thursday, June 15

Seriously, I'm done

Everyone has been talking about this Mets series like this: if the Phillies don't win at least 2 games, they have no hope for doing anything successful this season. I couldn't really find a way to believe that before it started, but now the inevitable has happened, and I'm changing my feelings about this team. They're not mediocre. They are bad. They're not awful, or horrible, or garbage, but they're bad. Uninspired, clearly unknowledgeable (reference Jimmy Rollins stealing with Wagner on the mound, one out, and Utley at bat), unlovable, and now unwatchable. We're at the same point we were at last year when I stopped caring, and started watching...well, nothing. Training camp is soon.

Friday, June 9

And it goes...

Since no one brought a strong challenge to Bobby Boucher, let's anoint him the king of cinema football and move on to the next sport, basketball. I'm going to start the debate with my favorite movie basketball player, although I'll concede that I don't think he's the finest. I'll leave that to you. A premier playmaker and scorer with the ability to take over a game at any point, I present the point guard on my all-movie team, Bugs Bunny. Ball's in your court.

Tuesday, June 6

Juvenation Machine

I'm putting you all in control. All thirty of our readers out there are now have sole discretion as to how often a new post will come out. It can come morning, noon, or night, in rain, hail, snow, or sleet. All you have to do is argue. So begins the great movie athlete debate, brought to you by Tullamore Dew, Patron, and McKinley's Tavern. We're gonna go sport by sport until we have definitevely determined the top movie athelete for each sport. As soon as we have selected our athelete, it will be time to move on. In the event of a any unrelenting debates, Armando, James, my Dad, and I will vote, at which point we will have then most likely have another tie and then we'll just flip a coin. Guidelines? I'm glad you asked.

  • Only fictional atheltes. I know how much you loved John Goodman as the Babe, Kareem in Airplane, and Joe Montana on SNL, but were gonna have to put them on the shelf for now with your Kazuhito Tadano video (yes, i know it was a one-time incident)
  • However, real athletes playing fictional characters will warrant consideration, such as Lawrence Taylor's performance in 'Any Given Sunday.'

  • First up, football. There's a lot to deal with here, from Willie Beamon (who may end up winning for best song by an athlete), to Paul Crewe taking down the guards and winning one for Caretaker. For me, the discussion begins and ends with the silver screen's greatest sack master, Bobby Boucher. A devastating presence at middle linebacker while lining up at a stout 5'10, the Waterboy was a one-man defensive machine who created absolute havoc for offenses all throughout southern Lousiana. Boucher was the pinacle of speed and power on the football field, as well as the consumate team player and family man.

    Let the games begin. I eagerly anticipate your comments.