Sunday, October 23

That was a close one...

So they barely squeaked that one out, huh? After a big defeat to the Cowgirls, and the bye-week, I was ready for the Eagles to come out of the gate with foaming mouths, and fire spouting from their ears. The defense did just that, essentially locking down LT, and forcing the Chargers to throw the ball more often than usual. The line held up better than any previous effort, and we were able to put considerable pressure on Brees, albeit with much help from constant blitzing. They had him scared from the jump, and he made some hasty passes that aided the Eagles in forcing a few very necessary 3 and outs. On the downside, Lito gave up another big play in single coverage, for the 3rd game in a row. They forced the Eagles to blitz much more than we have seen this year, but it was largely effective, and they weren't able to capitalize on it with screens or quick passing.

Our offense, on the other hand, was stale and stagnant. Once again the defense bailed them out. Once again, they ran the same set of plays, with similar results. The Chargers defense, especially the linebackers, seemed to be able to hear the plays McNabb was calling in the huddle. No screens passes, certainly no running, and really just more of the same. It seems that after using the same offense for 4 or 5 seasons, other teams are finally able to effectively game-plan against the Eagles. Gloom and doom aside, the Birds still won, and they picked up a little momentum going into next week's big game in Denver. The Broncos defense has really stepped it up this year, and should provide a good challenge for the Eagles. Mabye Big Red will decide to change it up a least I hope so.

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