Tuesday, October 25

It's a W, folks.

10 is the magic number
To Jim Harbaugh and the special teams, who managed to turn the game around with a blocked field goal and TD runback, all while putting only 10 players on the field. Check the tape, its unreal. Let the record show that it was so quiet in the stadium before this play that you could have heard a worm fart. And it would have been hilarious.

Rick James Cold Blooded fact of the game

San Diego is playing with an ungodly schedule that includes four trips to the east coast and 10 games against 2004 playoff teams. Oh, and their last three games (Pittsburgh, at Oakland, at Philly) have all come against teams fresh off a bye week.

Yao Ming Play of the game
To Quentin Mikell's game breaking blocked kick. In the post-game press conference, Quentin relayed the information that in watching film they had found a weakness in the left side of the Chargers field goal unit, allowing them to pressure the outside, and get through untouched. This is the kind of thing NFL teams find out when they can spend two weeks scouting you.

Randall Cunningham stubborn player of the game
I love Five, but when is he gonna realize that he's not outrunning anyone? Get rid of the rock big fella. How many sacks must a fat man take, before he can sleep in the sand?

Jessica Alba Strip of the game
After Quentin broke the game open, Sheldon saved it with a righteous rip after Reche Caldwell had broken free in the secondary. Extra special considering the double safety blitz that left him as the last line of defense.

Michael Irvin Push-off of the game

To Reche Caldwell, who put the toasted Lito's bread on the first big play of the game. The first of many many many questionable calls by the zebra crew.

Jevon Kease Milk Carton Award
To Mike Lewis, whose name wouldn't have been called once Sunday if he hadn't gotten beat for 6 by Antonio Gates. Isn't this guy in a contract year? The NFL needs a symposium where Jerome James, Lamar Odom, Mark Blount, Adonal Foyle, Erick Dampier come in and lecture the players on the long and short term benefits of their situation. The best part would be the stunned silence followed by uproarious laughter from the basketball players when someone asks "But don't you play hard every year?"

This touchdown was brought to you by the Zebras in America award
How about those 35 penalty yards we picked up en route to our only offensive touchdown of the day? Nothing beats two flags for roughing the passer in three plays. I thought we subbed in Cooper Manning for a second there.

Marty Schottenheimer drive of the game
Run, run, run, blocked field goal. Martyball at its finest.

Thomas Edison Innovative Defensive Gamplan Award
To the Eagles, who broke out the old 4-4-4 defensive not once, but twice, followed by a ten man line on the blocked kick.

Right Place Right Time Award
To Darwin Walker, who somehow found his way 20 yards downfield to recover Sheldon's last minute strip. How a defensive tackle got there first I'll never figure.

And the Game Ball goes to:
Jim Johnson, whose gameplan will be the defensive blueprint used by every team until someone finds a better way to hold LaDanian to 7 yards on 17 carries.

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