Monday, October 31

What's going on here fellas?

After coming out to that 28-0 start, I'll admit I wasn't too optimistic about where the game yesterday was going. A weak offensive start, a weak defensive start, and once again a lack of fresh play-calling left me thinking...what exactly did they practice this week after barely squeaking out a W last week against the Chargers?

We had a few moments of good play, both on offense and defense, but really the team didn't look much different than last week. All the passing (which was expected), with a few extra run plays thrown in for good measure, probably left the Broncos wondering when we were gonna pull out the trick plays. Less play-action, no real usage of Lamar Gordon, and amazingly enough it didn't even seem like we took enough advantage of Champ Bailey's injury.

So what's in store for the future? Everyone knows 5 is hurt and his mobility is hampered. He got hit so many times in the first couple drives that I thought he wouldn't finish the game. He did make a nice little 11 yard run, but it was nothing to write home about. We gave up over 200 yards on the ground, and while you had to see something big coming there, they let the Snake throw for over 300 yards, and didn't pick him once. I thought the Eagles might have another game like last week....slow offense, huge defense. So next week, let's see something huge so I don't have to listen to the football pundits badmouth Philly and the Eagles anymore. And please, can they score first this Sunday?

On to the Flyers. While they've continued to win games, they've also continued to have some of the worst third periods I've ever seen. Anyone catch that game against the Hurricanes the other night? They did us worse than they did New Orleans (is it in bad taste to say that? I know Katrina didn't score 5 3rd period goals). Just a horrific let-down. The Flyers have gotten into this trend of getting so many penalties in the final frame that Ken Hitchcock's gray hair is getting noticably grayer. In this new NHL, penalties, although clearly unavoidable since you get two minutes for having a bad skating stride, are the ULTIMATE ENEMY. You can see Esche get nervous when someone goes to the box, as if those new small pads of his make him just a little scared of those big guns from the point. But like I said last week, Hitch is too good of a coach to let these third period woes continue much longer. Not to mention we've still managed to win most of our games. And Forsberg? They don't call him the best player in the world for nothing.

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