Thursday, October 13

I'm a Sad Panda

I'm trying to be more positive. I'm trying to lose the sarcasm and the cynicism that strangles our generation. I'm trying not to be skeptical of things and people that would make me happier. I'm trying to be better. And that's why I haven't written anything about the Cowboys dismemberment of the Eagles last Sunday. No excuses, here I go.

I have a friend at work who is a Raiders fan. A couple weeks ago I said to him, 'it must be tough to love football, to wait all summer for training camp, get ready for the regular season, grab all your food, put on your jersey, and then watch someone kick your team right in the teeth.' This is how I felt Sunday. I wasn't even mad. I just felt let down.

Jump to post game. In his press conference, Andy Reid said: "They beat us in all phases of the game." All phases. We couldn't win one damn phase. Special teams, terrible. Offense, terrible. Defense, terrible. Break it down another level. Kick coverage, terrible. Kick return, terrible. O-Line, terrible. D-Line, terrible. Running game, terrible. Passing game, terrible. Run defense, terrible. Pass defense, abysmal. Truly a banner day for the Eagles.

It's okay to lose. We're going to lose some games, and I understand that. I'm ok with that. But it is never okay to be defeated. This team didn't just lose, they were overrun. When the Dallas Cowboys fly into Philadelphia for a Monday night showdown, they will do it as returning conquerors. The best thing I can take from the game: At least no one more than 4 light days away knows that it ever happened.

But this isn't the end of the road for the birds. There's something to be said for the fact that this loss was unexpected. We believe in this team, and they believe in themselves. Regardless of the fact that they may not care about the fans (debatable) and that fans have little to no impact on the game (probable, especially those of us who aren't at the game), we still care about them, and expect them to win. Games like this realize that this expectation may be bordering on demand. And the reason this game was so hard to swallow is that although I expect, rather than demand victory, the one thing I do demand effort. This is why we still talk about Lenny Dykstra and Charles Barkley, and why those of us who weren't laughing uncontrollably slaughtered Allen during the "we're talking about practice" era. They were hustle players, and even though they never brought home the hardware, we loved them. So when the Eagles came out flat on Sunday it was hard to accept them as our team. Who outside of L.A. can support a team coasting on rep?

8 Reasons to be hopeful:

1. Brian Dawkins
Of all the 53 players on the team, you know this goes the deepest with him. I like LaDanian as much as the next guy, so Drew Brees better be real careful feeding him that ball over the middle, because Dawk is out for blood.

2. Jeremiah Trotter
After Dawkins, Trot is the last guy on the team anyone not behind bulletproof glass would accuse of giving less than 100%

3. Andy Reid
Take a look at his moustache. You think this guy's worried? Give me a break.

4. Dr. Donovan McNabb
Maybe he's just doing the Jim Brown 'get up slowly' routine, just stretching it over a 3 month period. Maybe he should have had surgery 3 weeks ago.

5. Koy!
If you like neckbeards, that is. If not, at least his lack of size and talent provide contrast when he tosses to 81.

6. It's still football
And there's 12 weeks left! Even if we go 3-13, give me 10 reasons why you'd rather watch the Phils.

7. Bye Week
Catch up on some sleep, go to New York and refuse to call a hoagie a "hero," write a screenplay, do whatever. Consider it a vacation. It seems like a drag, but hey, give it a shot.

8. The Cowboys
Were you paying attention before? We get to play them again. At home. On Monday night. The spread might be 15. Andy Reid is going to watch this game tape more times than Ron Jeremy stuck in a bomb shelter with a copy of 'Weapons of Ass Destruction.'


Phlintern4 said...

Why would Ron Jeremy watch porn if he's stuck in a bunker? He's been making porn for like 30 years. I figure he'd probably appreciate a little time to himself to gather his thoughts, porn-free.

That being said, there is still plenty of room on the PSU bandwagon for you heartbroken Birds fans. Giddy up!

James said...

Weapons of ass destruction 2 was a better film