Friday, August 5

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Arrowhead showdown
brings together hated rivals.
Does good or evil win?

Michael Bourne, D-Rays
superstar trapped on the Phils
Adios, Burrell

Hula skirt sac bunt
spam powered cannon from right
Flyin' Hawaiian

Ryan, welcome to
capitol of what have you
done for me lately

No DH for Chuck
he'll figure it out one day
be the double switch

Perfect pitcher for
Seniors run the bases day
Young Jamie Moyer

David Bell juicing!
With roids: 16 dingers
Without: Smell the glove

Mamba strikes again
Don't mess with a maniac
You will feel the pain

Silly Cole Hamels
You're gonna win twenty games
with no run support?

Character issues:
What's in that package?
Um, crack and guns... crack and guns

Run run run run run
Run run run run run run run
Run run the football

oden or durant
the choice is all your's my friend.
bill king in the house

It ain’t Iverson
The real reason we can’t win
Is Shavlik's ankle

Barry's head's smaller
Maybe juice has gone away?
Still, he's a scumbag

One tank two tank red
tank blue tank even Oden
might not be enough

Skins, boys, giants, please.
How can you doubt the power
of the one called five?

With tacklin' fuel
visualize and attack

30 surgeries
gets you 30 more home runs
DH time, Barry

Thanks Aaron Rowand
a win in five always beats
a loss in nine full

Phils train hits a dime
tough to take "NL best" Mets
time for nine more wins

No matter how long
it's only one syllable
you sure can't stretch 'booooooo'

I'd rather lose with
Allen than lose without him
Don't trade Allen Iverson

Hey Clips, look at you
Just don't tell Isiah that
money equals wins

Have you seen him run?
Hide the women and children
Brodrick Bunkley

With the fourteenth pick
the Eagles have selected
some guy you don't know

Whatever you do
please don't call it a comeback
we've been here for... months

Who's cinderella?
I don't know but I sure hope
it's Squeaky Johnson

Disgusting breaker
when he can get his cap on
Fatdalis Perez

Once in every year
like sex for married couples
Iverson slam dunk

The black card era
has officially begun.
I'm not you rapper

There goes Lee Nailon
domestic dispute, draft pick
into the sunset

One more day of
ring ring ring whisper whisper
then Allen can play

Highway robbery:
14 tries for five foot nine.
You ain't the birdman

Big loss in Chi-town
I'll bet you know what that means-
more burn for Shavlik!

Poor Villanova
Gets no respect in Philly
Where is all the hype?

There's not much defense
for dudes who don't play defense.
But I tried, Kyle

Fill it, don't spill it
do what you wan't on D, but
keep raining those threes

Hero of Sweden
you're too hurt for Torino
The Flyers need you

Mo Mediocre
My Seventy-Sixers trade
Allen Iverson

It's all in the hips
Spoken like a true asshole
Chubbs Peterson, ya'll

Still, Peyton Manning
knows one way to play in Feb.
Pro Bowl MVP

Hit the snooze button
sloppy seconds for Seahawks
Pitt-Sleeper Bowl champs

Remember Charles?
For the love of god don't trade
Allen Iverson

Bring back Ron Hextall
first goalie to score a goal
and KILL with his stick

Should have given heed
felt this one coming all week:
Diaw, triple-dip

Can a young brother
get some burn with A.I. out?
Arise, Shav! arise!

I move mulch like weight
put the box right near your ear
John Skari Jr.

He flies through the air
with the greatest of ease. Who
else- Shavlik Randolph!

Penn State mahatma
But not impressing scouts {tear}
Michael Robinson

World's biggest ego
How about eighty-one points?
Nice T.O. homage

Break out the cigars
Cuban baseball is coming
Justice has been served

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"O" in Iverson,
Korver, Salmons, and Ollie
no "D" in Sixers

Hiss of the mamba
graciously listened to the
roar of the diesel

Who choked first? The
Peyton or the egg? Or was
it the blind zebra?

Iguodala on
Paul Pierce. Ok, but that means
Korver on Ricky.

A. Kirilenko
If only he played as dumb
as his faux-hawk looks

Are you up fifteen?
Not getting hustle from Chris?
Shavlik Randolph time!

Give me an A. Give
me a C. Give me a L.
Where's Who Dey, Carson?

Who dey think gonna
stop them Cincinnati Bengals?
Not Rothelsomething

Kevin Kelly, Good!
Call this man Vinsanity
College Football, Wow

Cismesia wide left
On the left foot of Kelly
Kevin Kelly, good!

Playoffs without birds?
That's like China without rice
Or Bulls without Mike

A better draft pick
is not worth a Redskins loss
Please hit Brunell hard.

What better way to
Ring in the new year than with
a loss in Tempe

Great Peter Forsberg
The best thing from Sweden
and it's not even the Bikini Team

Burn, fire fire
too bad Moats only touches
Ten times a game

Eagles, no playoffs?
That's like the Bulls without Mike
Man. Cold, cold winter

NYC can’t touch
Philly from five years ago
Sixth borough my ass.

…Check. Machete? Check
Gasoline? Check. Lighter? Check
Ugueth Urbina

You killed McNabb
A cold winter lies ahead
Andy, run the ball

It ain't over yet
but it gets closer each week
thought it was our year

Why skip over Koy?
Not on the dollar menu?
Time for a McChange

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