Thursday, October 27

Gotta Have It: Eagles Luggage

It took me a couple minutes to get over the fact that they actually make this, then a few more thinking about the over/under on trips until it breaks (let the betting start at 4.5). Then I wondered about who might buy it, which is basically anyone who likes the Eagles (everyone), and anyone who doesn't have luggage (no one). When's the last time you saw someone traveling with a handful of clothes and toiletries and such? Those people just throw their stuff in a trash bag and take greyhound (I support this from deep within the cockles of my heart).

After about 30 minutes I was finally able to think about the significance of a piece of Eagles luggage. If it brings you the clock management skills of Andy Reid, you'd miss your flight by about 15 seconds every time. On the way, you would miss two cabs, one subway, and then throw a 5 yard pass to LJ Smith who would then be tackled immediately by two linebackers and a safety. I guess the moral is that you should just be happy it's not Herm Edwards brand luggage. You'd probably miss the plane by three and a half days and end up with Vinny Testaverde as your co-pilot.


phlintern4 said...

two things:

1)That looks more like a cooler on wheels than "luggage"

2)Another nickname for trash bags is "Irish luggage." That cracks me up every time.

Armando said...

I wouldn't even use that thing to store dead animals, should I want to store them.

Andy said...


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