Monday, October 10

Ding Dong

After eight looonnnng and brutal years, Ed Wade has finally been "relieved" of his duties by Phillies owner Dave Montgomery. This comes as relief to the city, which has been held captive by his determination to keep the Phillies out of the playoffs for the past the better part of a decade. For any of you unfamiliar with the impact crater that Ed Wade has left on the team, here is an example of his negotiation skills:

Ed: Mike Lieberthal, we would like to offer you a contract of 3 years, $10 millon.
Lieberthal: 4 years, $20 million
Ed: 5 years, $35 million
Lieberthal: Ok. (reluctantly)


James said...

Don't forget about the no trade, DB has one also in case anyone was wondering

Anonymous said...

Ed: Jim we want to give you as much money as we can.
Thome: You're sure? Don't I need a physical first?
Ed: Don't be silly--look at those muscles! How could you ever get hurt?