Wednesday, January 4

When Life Hands you Oranges...

You wanted a bowl game, you got a four hour heart attack. You wanted a high powered offense to roll over an inferior opponent, you got top-shelf defense and atrocious special teams. You wanted respect and for once to not hear the word 'Michigan', you got a triple overtime win and a headache. You didn't get a blowout, and you didn't get anything more than a win and the knowledge that you got a great year from a great football team.

My favorites:

Posluzny getting carted back onto the field to watch the last hour.

My buddy Andy saying "just don't turn it over" half a second before Mike Robinson fumbled the snap on the five.

Justin Norwood getting deflowered by Buster Davis and coming up with the miracle grab

JoePa telling Mike Tirico "I think you should retire after the game," followed by Joe and Bowden laughing hysterically.

Every missed field goal and definitely the missed extra point that you could tell the game was going to hinge on. Especially after the intentional grounding safety.

Tamba Hali's dad being more into the game than Tamba was.

The school band that played the theme from 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.'

Holding your breath on every punt and basically for the entire third quarter.

Cheerleaders that didn't look like 7th graders (see ASU)

Look forward to a full commentary from James once his PO goes down to Miami and brings him home.

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