Thursday, January 26

Time to Get Our Story Straight

As we approach the approach of Super Bowl XL, I thought it would be nice to go over some of our best and boldest predictions from the year. I threw in a couple that we actually got right to balance things out again. My newest prediction is that Shavlik will break Mamba's non-Wilt scoring record with 42 put-back slams (mostly misses by Sammy on fade-aways with no one covering him) and no trips to the line. Enjoy.

"The Redskins may not win four games" -Hal

"I do expect big things from the Rams offensively" -Hal

"This team just can’t hang anymore" -Hal, on the Bucs

"#5 is in his prime and TO is actually going to play" -James

"The defense will be the best or 2nd best in the league this year"- James

"Like I said last week, Hitch is too good of a coach to let these third period woes continue much longer" -Armando

"I wish I was smart enough to say for sure that Arizona is a playoff squad this year" -James

"Or that the Bucs will jump up and win the South" -James

"Brandon Jacobs scares the shit out of me" -James

"A defense that specializes in speed and missed tackles doesn't cut it in January." -Hal on the colts

"You're out of your mind if you think the Chiefs don't take a major step back if Priest goes down." -Hal

"The Steelers are done. There's just too much film on Rothelsomething, and their corners can't hold water much longer." -Hal

"Jets- Chad's toast, and Curtis is rolling the dice every time he steps on the turf" -Hal

"I am anticipating the start of a new Eastern Conference rivalry" -Armando, on the Pittsburgh Penguins

"Is this going to be one of those seasons like two years ago where we're obviously the best team in the division but aren't in first until week 8, and so we have to hear it from Giants fans for two months, knowing that we'll put 40 on them the first chance we get?" -Hal

"Oh, watch for this guy, #81. He's terrible."- Hal on Georgia TE Leonard Pope, right before he scored a TD

"Get all you can of Ryan Howard this year, because come next spring he'll be hanging out on the pine expressway." -Hal

"What has two thumbs, a moustache, and absolutely can't be trusted to win a game on his own?" -Hal, on Jake Plummer

"Face it. These are not good teams." -Hal, on the Giants and Dolphins

"Look for Tarver by unanimous decision, with no knockdowns and a whole lot of jibber-jabber." -Hal

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