Wednesday, January 18

Thus spake the Mamba

The mamba is on an absolute tear lately, to say nothing of his shooting outburst, which could only be called "200% necessary," thanks to big offseason acquistions such as Andrew "Shaq-Stopper" Bynum and #1 Michael Jordan fan Kwame Brown. I'm speaking here of his recent interview streak which is quickly moving towards Crispin Glover on Letterman level hilarity. I'll make no qualms whatsoever that the Mamba is my hands-down favorite love-to-hate athlete of all-time, with almost zero chance of being usurped in the proximate future.

The following word-for-word accurate quotes should help you on your way:

On his trip to Colorado
"I can't really find a word to describe it...I'm kind of a go-getter."

On hearing that it's not ok to put an elbow into another players throat
"Very surprised. Shocked actually. Very very surprised."

On hearing that Phil Jackson wants him to cut down to 24 shots per game
"Uh, angry and frustrated"

On the love for him around the league
"I've been hit with a couple flagrant fouls already this year; I've been hit with a clothesline"

On putting up 35 shots a night
"That's just basic NBA basketball"

On his summer vacation away from California
"I think it's good for the city of Los Angeles"

On his decision not to have any more children
"I think its especially good for our youth"

On his impact
"It's a lot bigger than the sport itself."

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