Thursday, January 19


I wasn't going to write anything about Antonio Davis jumping into the stands last night and defending his wife, because I felt it was about as big a deal as a Paris Hilton cold sore (although I suppose that would be a big deal for about 35,000 dudes). No one did a better job of detailing how non-threatening the event was, and was so pressed for time that he couldn't wait around for a bus to throw Stephon Marbury under.

But then his suspension rolls around, which again is no surprise, but with it comes the news that his wife's alleged attacker is completely out of his mind. Awesome! Apparently the dude is going to sue Antonio and his wife for an excess of $1 million dollars. He claims that she hit him in the face with both hands and afterwards felt that he was "glad she was done hitting me, but I didn't want her to hit anyone else." Before ripping him any further, I'd like to say that all harassment aside, he sounds like a great fan, issuing soundbites such as "[w]hen I go to games, I cheer as hard as I can for the Bulls, and I boo as hard as I can for whoever they're playing." If you can't relate to that, maybe you'd agree more with this: "I don't feel comfortable if players are allowed to easily jump into the crowd whenever they feel like it's necessary."

Back to ripping this guy. The one thing that caught me most off-guard about the whole incident is, who sees something like this go down, goes to sleep, takes some time to think about what happened, and then comes up with a way to make money off it? Is this some kind of Drew Rosenhaus scumbag clone? If you asked me for a hundred different descriptions of what happened at the game, I would never have mentioned "possible lawsuit opportunity" as part of my synopsis. Who are these people? I know there are a few law schoolers among our readership, so pipe up if this went through your mind at any time during the last 24 hours.

As for Antonio, I completely agree with and support his actions, regardless of who the perpertrator was. Things happen quickly, and security staff at road arenas can't always be trusted to respond in with the speed and precision necessary. I understand the league punishment of five games, although I think it is a bit harsh; I felt like he should have just paid the cleaning bills for the fans who lost their shit when he ran by them.

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