Tuesday, January 10

Only the Good Die Young... and Eli

Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but once again, please don't back young quarterbacks in the playoffs. It might look good, but it won't end well. This weekend taught us the lesson we already knew, as Eli, Carson (sorry), Chris, and Byron put together a total of 13 points, 6 interceptions, and 4 early exits. If you missed it, don't fret nor frown, we get to see it all over again as Rexy leads the young Bears against Carolina Sunday evening. And if that's not enough, we'll be treated to the return of Playoff Peyton and No-Mistake Jake! It's the NFL playoffs. Live on Fox!

My favorite element of this years playoffs is that I don't give a damn who wins and can sit back and enjoy myself for once without agonizing through every second waiting for the Eagles to roll through their second round opponent. As brutal as this year was, there hasn't been a more relaxing football season in the new century. I feel like a great weight has been lifted, only I'm looking forward to lifting it back up in about four months. It's neat to look forward to the offseason for once.

As for this weeks picks, I'll take the Colts at home in a wide open game featuring a bewildered Rothlisberger and a Edge-powered Colts squad. Even though Peyton will come out jumpy, I always enjoying ultra-wired color coordinated fans, which Indianapolis provides in droves. Maybe they'll even bring back those shiny blue plastic squares!

New England at Denver. Hmm. Unbelievably well-prepared game coach vs. career shaky quarterback. Hmm. Tom Brady in an important game. Hmm. Power run and play action team vs. all-world linebacking corps. Hmm. I'll take the champs. Denver goes down in the third.

Skins at Seattle. This game could be better than it looks, and either way it won't look good. I can't even waste words on these squads. Seattle cruises at home.

Carolina at Chicago. Just when I thought the chance had passed... You always save the Rex for last. Carolina is tearing along, but they'll hit a brick wall in the Midway spaceship. Although I've seen them beat a solid defense in the playoffs before, this Bears team is too ready. Moose is set to carve up his old buddies for 5-75-1 while the Bears scrape it out on the ground. Jake'll get loose in the second half and the Bears will put together some absurd special teams play to move on.


x-intern said...

Playoff picks on a Tuesday? BALLS! (wait it is tuesday right?)

z said...

eli, thrown around on a mechnical bull.. that might have been a good mid-season workout with a decimated o-line before he threw three picks last week.

my only consolation is that most of the great ones choke in their first playoff apperances. next year, in jerusalem.