Thursday, January 5

Pete Webber's Second Favorite

When is it okay to steal a nickname? I don't mean pass it on, simply relinquish it, I'm talking about full on snatch and grab. Maybe you call it a Robin Hood situation, replacing rich and poor with "super-athletic mollycoddle" and "preternatural game-changer." I'll go on record saying that when one player's vagina becomes so inundated with sand that he was to beg for a trade to another country in order to be reunited with the greatest current sports blerd, and the other player puts up 467 yards and three touchdowns on the greatest stage of collegiate sports, it's high time to pass the Herbie Hancock. Well we have a new Vinsanity, as Vince Young went fully Vinsane all over Pasadena en route to a ludicrous 41-38 victory over the University of Spoiled Children.

Other than how happy I was to see ABC announcer Aaron Taylor, who I had been praying would take a huge bite out of his mike all season long, grab a Wheaties box and scream maniacally into the camera, I'll leave the rest of the game analysis to the rest of the world. (Sidenote: I did a little reading on this Notre Dame behemoth and he is quickly shaping up as an awesome dude. After retiring from the NFL, he's been teach teenagers in South America and has a cabin in Alaska where "I get to do my best Jeremiah Johnson impersonation." Great gentle giant.) Jump now to the bottom line, which is: What can Vince and company accomplish on a grander scale- the NFL.

Vince Young
The next Vinsanity threw a vicious right hook to anyone who doubted his abilities as a football player and a team leader, but he looks to have some work to do as a quarterback. Both he and Leinart showed sharp accuracy, but left too much air under more than a few balls, and were nearly victimized by a handful of bad decisions. Vince doesn't look to have the strongest arm around, but his big play ability should buy him enough time to reach at least a moderate level of success at the next level.
NFL Comparison: Randall Cunnigham (woah)

Matt Leinart
I had serious doubts about Matt throughout the season, all of which were brought to the table last night. He is a free safety's best friend and looks like he could really struggle if not surrounded by other playmakers. His confidence may be a hindrance on him in the league, as he looks to be just good enough to lose you some close games.
NFL Comparison: Aaron Brooks with a sprained knee

Reggie Bush
The kid has wheels and the kid has moves, but relies waaay to much on getting to the outside, something which doesn't happen in the NFL due to the narrow hashes and other-worldly speed on the defensive side of the ball. His talent is undeniable, but he'll have some trouble- especially behind the Texans O-line. I'm not going so far as to say he's all sizzle and no steak, but I don't see what makes him that much better than Westbrook. I'd love to be wrong here.
NFL Comparison: Gale Sayers with Me, James, Armando, Josh, and Cameron blocking

LenDale White
Of the offensive playmakers in the game, LenDale looks to me like he has the best shot to dominate in the league. His build is sturdier than Reggie's and he works well inside the tackles. It says a lot that it was he and not Bush who took the carry on Pete Carroll's bonehead fourth-down attempt in the fourth quarter. He's the potato to Reggie's porterhouse.
NFL Comparison: Mister Larry Johnson

David Thomas
Following Penn State this year showed me just what a solid tight end means to a athletic (yeah, i spelled it wrong again) college quarterback, and Dave confirmed all those feelings last night. Rock-solid performance with ten catches for 88 yards, more than a few of which saved Vince's cowhide. A completely not flash and completely essential contributor on the Texas Offense. Pretty much made might night, quietly.
NFL Comparison: Max McGee

Michael Huff
I love defense, blah blah blah. This kid can play. He contributed heavily early and always, both with strong tackling and heady play-diagnosing. I was super-impressed by him and hadn't heard his name before, which says tons about my interest in college football, since he won this year's Thorpe Award. Reciepient of a beatiful second grade gymnastics trophy as the top defensive player in the Rose Bowl. If he finds a way to slip into the later rounds maybe he could be the next...
NFL Comparison: Brian Dawkins (double woah!)

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greene said...

dude, ive been saying to everyone i can find that reggie bush is westbrook for so long, usually accompanied with "and thats fine, but would you make westbrook the #1 overall pick?" and everyone thinks im crazy... thanks for agreeing.

also, unfortunately for you, everyone else in the world has heard of michael huff, hes a top 15-20 lock and you know as well as i do that the eagles will take a lineman of some sort with that type of pick.