Wednesday, January 11

In the midst of all these victories...

It's tough to really complain. They just won 8 out of 10 games on the longest road trip of the season, and one of the losses was in overtime. They basically beat the crap out of everyone. But tonight, they played the Blackhawks, and although they won 5-2, the last two goals were garbage (one being an empty netter, and the other one the goalie didn't even try to stop it), they really played them pretty evenly the whole game. Now, if they were playing the Red Wings or the Senators, that'd be fine. But the Blackhawks? Allen Iverson and Chris Webber could beat the Blackhawks, without skates, or sticks for that matter. McNabb could have beat them until the third period then give it up. Joe Theismann could get drunk and hit on their mom's. But seriously, they're one of the worse teams in the league, lacking their starting goaltender and a few other key players, and they kept up with the Flyers essentially the whole game. So I've noticed this tendency for the Flyers to play down to their competition. While they're on the top of the heap right now, and most likely will be for the rest of the season, this is a disturbing trend. Teams like this love to get knocked off in the first round of the playoffs by the 7 or 8 seed team. I can't say that I really see that happening, but I'm a pessimist, and I can't always sit around smelling the roses.

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