Thursday, January 19

What was Wrong with the Old One?

"We fear change"
-Garth Algar

Upon hitting for the first of many many many trips today, I was shocked and awed (and not in a progressive, FOX TV, Bushy kind of way) to find a new site design which has the intention of "streamlining our navigation to better organize the most comprehensive sports content on the Web." Conspicuously absent from that quote is any mention of how my virgin eyes should feel upon being shocked out of slumber by some shiny new design.

I'm all for progression, but couldn't the worldwide leader have dropped this on us on a weekend? Or a holiday? It's tough enough to get up early and drag ass on septa, but throw in a fresh new design on the most clicked website in my repertoire? That's a bit over the edge. I'm sure I'll get used to it, and over time the wounds will heal, but let's just say this is something I was not prepared for today. I was ready to put a new cd on my ipod, I was ready to call hr departments all over southern California, I was ready to eat some chicken parm, read my new book, and get in a little exercise, but I was not ready for this. At least it gave me something other than the Sixers to write about. Hey Mo, have a nice D.


dr. uff said...

dude, you think you were shocked, i was on last night at 1150 something, then again at like 1210ish to check a gamecast, and the change had gone down at 12... i had no idea what was happening... however, i will say that i like the new setup, its more efficient

Anonymous said...