Monday, January 16

Everybody's Happy

Besides Vanderjagt, everyone seemed to be alright with the outcome of the game yesterday. After watching the Colts pretend they were playing the Patriots in the snow for 60 minutes, everyone seemed to be smiling. Peyton had a smile on his face, Tony Dungy had a smile on his face, and Bill Cowher certainly had a smile on his face. They all said the same thing; "He missed it." I honestly think the football gods reached out and pushed that ball right, just so the Bus wouldn't have to go out on what would possibly be the worst note ever, if the Colts had scored a touchdown or won in overtime. Overall though, the weekend proved once again that a good defense is more valuable than a good offense, as the teams that performed well without the ball were the successful ones.

But seriously, watching all those dudes smiling on the sidelines (even the losers), was great. At least they're having fun.

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Hal said...

I really liked the multiple angle shots of player reactions, but I had two questions:

1. How many cameras do they have that are specifically not on the playing field.

2. Where's the footage of 50 other dudes going "Don@#% !@#in! !h$#@at!#" and "You r#%j@#b#@g !$c%s@#ki## piece of @#n!e% s$i%!!!"