Tuesday, November 29

Takin it around Philadelphia...

So let's review this weekend. Eagles: Victorious. Flyers: 1-1. Sixers: 0-1. So things are mediocre. The Eagles pulled out a big win over the Packers, but really...it's fairly meaningless considering they have to win all their games and have the rest of the NFC East self destruct in order to make the playoffs. Some people prefer them to lose the rest of their games in order to get a higher draft pick, but is that really worth it? You all know the Eagles, they will get value out of their draft picks as long as they don't take an offensive position player, and most likely will be able to move up or trade with their excess picks gained from past trades. The only thing blowing the rest of the games does is insure that our remaining veterans and new players go into next season with a chip on their shoulder...and we all know what that's worth. Honestly, fight it out, try to win some games, and try not to finish last in the division. That's my say.

The Flyers continue to blow in the 3rd period. I don't know how many times I've said this, but I'm even starting to annoy myself with it. So I'll move on. I came to another realization tonight while watching them squeak out a win over the Islanders. Remember a couple years ago in hockey when a guy like Brodeur or Roy, sometimes even Hasek or Curtis Joseph, could take a mediocre team and guide them to the playoffs? Sometimes even deep into the playoffs? We all know the Devils have never had a decent team, they just had the best goalie in the game for so many years. I can't help but notice that with the increase in offense, speed, and scoring in the NHL this year that the era of the dominating goalie is over. It's kind of weird. I'm not gonna say I miss watching Brodeur make amazing save after amazing save, but it's certainly different. They do wear smaller pads, the rules have changed, and the game has become more offensive. Get ready for some unexpected teams in the playoffs this year as a result.

On to the Sixers. For some reason, they continue to struggle slightly. They had a big streak mid-November, and beat some good teams, but other weaker teams like the Bucks and the Knicks have pulled out some key wins. Clearly, the team is still in the development stage, and should continue to strengthen as the season progresses. In all honesty though, I'll take anything from the team that's different from what Jim O'Brian gave us last year. They play a much more dynamic game in my eyes, get more minutes from the bench (and production), and seem better equipped to adapt to the opposition. That said, even at 8-7, they're in first in the division, so maybe it won't be that tough. The whole league is fairly close though, so I'd like to see them put a little more hop in their step, and seriously throw more oooooops to Iguodala.

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