Thursday, November 10

Gotta Have It: Time Flies

Time flies when you're sweeping divisions and rolling through the playoffs, but it really starts to drag when you're 4-4 and just booted your top receiver. What makes the situation so frustrating, and is also the reason I'm still writing about him is that we LOVED this guy. I have never seen an athlete absolutely take over the city in such a short period. He had the every fan in the city eating bowing at his feet, and it threw it all away. I can't imagine ever seeing someone fall so far from so high in such a short period of time. Allen Iverson could threaten his wife with a handgun, kick her out of the house naked, then run into his cousin’s apartment at 3am screaming and waving a gun around, and he wouldn’t lose public favor like this.

Watching 81 fall apart after four losses, I’m started to wonder how many games might he have lasted if Donnie had gotten hurt in the preseason last year? Could he have made it through four quarters with Koy? Anyway, this 2004 calendar will be a perfect gift for anyone who either has a time machine or has no interest in what day it is and only wants to see pictures of men with no shirts on standing next to white tigers with fans blowing.

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phlintern4 said...

The picture of the calender left me in a trance for the last five minutes. That man is cut from's too bad his brain is full of rocks as well.