Tuesday, November 15

All Good Things

Guess what? I'm not all that upset about the game. Sure, I don't want to talk about it, or see a picture of Andy or Donovan, but overall, I took enough good things from the game to fill up one hand- including the thumb!

1. Mike McMahon
He looked good. And if teams play prevent for 60 minutes a game, he could be the next "Joey" Montana. And if they play him honest, Andy will finally have to run the ball. Then it's a whole new game.

2. Everyone on the defense except Lito
Two things I'm sure of about Lito- 1. He's hurt. 2. He's still better than Matt Ware. And other than Lito, and the fact that our blitzes don't get to the quarterback, we looked pretty good on D.

3. The new-look offensive line
If nothing else, it's great to see our o-line take a step forward after the snap. On the other hand, Jon Runyan took a step before the snap three times last night.

4. Taking the snap from center, and then giving it to a player that is more athletic and won't throw a horrific interception
It's great! Let's try it again next week.

5. Westbrook returning punts
Playmakers on special teams! No way.

What I've realized this season is that I hate our dink and dunk offense. I didn't like it when we were winning, and I really don't like it when we're losing. I like running the ball. I like to take control of the game and pound it out. I've been able to stem this feeling because I really like the way we play defense, and under Andy's guidance, we play about 37 minutes of defense a game. And I didn't mind. I like field position battles and 10-7 wins. If you like high scoring Colts-Chiefs game, just go into a cave, sleep it off until March, and when you get back you can watch all arena league football until your eyes bleed. And if losing on national television because you should have called three straight runs is what it takes to make Andy change his offense, I can handle it.

I wrote last week that I'm willing to concede this season for the good of the team. And these are my terms. Andy must realize that his offense does not function, and must be overhauled from the bottom up. The clock must be controlled and managed well. You absolutely have to be able to ice games when you are up 13 points with 3 minutes to play. If you cannot do these things, you will not win in the National Football League. It just won't happen. Oh, and once you finally make these changes, it's time to make them again. The NFL is an evolve or perish society. If you do not keep up with the Belichicks and the Dungys, you will be left behind in their wake. You will be trampled and left for dead.

So if losing in the most horrific way imaginable is what it takes to move the immovable, then it will be worth it. But until then...(shudder)


z said...

i don't know what you're talking about. that TD pass that mcnabb and williams hooked up on looked seamless. that's one way to move the ball in a hurry.

Hal said...

Yeah, and I saw Billy Wagner throw a ball 450 feet last year, right off of some guy's bat.