Tuesday, November 8

Crawling Back

Eldorado took center stage today at 3, in what will certainly not be his last effort to salvage his contract and play a couple more downs. Highlights included his and Rosenhaus' hopes to play next Monday night vs. the Cowboys, as well as this gem:
Reporter: Drew, what do you feel like you've done for TO other than get him kicked off the team?
Drew: Next question.

I respect his talent, but only in the same way that I respect Mamba. That is, I think they are both an absolute joke, don't want them to have anything to do with my team, and expect them to dominate us at any and every opportunity. Other than that it's all gravy. Let me know if I'm out of line here and you think that A. We should take him back, B. You disagree because you have no respect whatsoever for him (even at the talent level), and/or C. You like Kobe's new nickname.

Update: Thus far, Dave Spadaro has put up the best column summarizing today's trainwreck.
Update: Andy Reid "No thanks"

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