Monday, November 7

Time to Make Some Lemonade

Four and Four. The first half is over. There’s nothing to do but forget about what happened, and look forward to the next eight games. And although we looked awful tonight, and although it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, all is not lost.

Moving forward, we have a couple things going for us. First off, try and forget the botched fake snap, the inability to beat the blitz, and the game-ending interception. He did move well tonight, didn’t he? Isn’t that worth cracking a smile over? He was more or less accurate, and it if he could cut down the lawnmower passes and the passes into double coverage maybe he can do a little damage. Maybe? Just a little?

And perhaps the defense could step it up a little. A couple tackles from Lito; a sack from Trotter, who knows? Anything could happen. Hey, maybe the coverage teams will make a play before the 30, and maybe the refs won’t blow five calls every night.

While there are a lot of maybes floating around, here are six mortal locks for the next eight games.

1. Five of them are at home. There’s no place like home. Even if the fans are calling for Koy, and it’s 35 degrees out with a windchill of 14, at least you slept in your bed and drove your car to work.

2. The Green Bay Packers are terrible. I’ve watched them. You’ve watched them. This point is beyond debate.

3. The Arizona Cardinals are really terrible. Anytime you’re playing a platoon at QB with Josh McCown and Kurt Warner, you have problems that aren’t getting solved.

4. The Rams are the Rams. Mike Martz or no Mike Martz, you just can’t lose to these guys. It can’t happen

5. We play the Seahawks on Monday night, at home. I haven’t figured out how we’re gonna beat them, but it’s a fact that this game will happen. That much I am certain of.

6. We are not getting swept by the NFC East one year after sweeping the NFC East. It can’t happen and it won’t happen. At this point it looks bad, but we’ll figure one of the three teams out at least once. I hope it’s the Cowboys. I really do.

So if we don’t beat ourselves against Green Bay, Arizona, St. Louis, and Seattle, and we win two of the four remaining division games, well that’s 10-6. I remember a time when 10-6 was a parade record. There are 25+ teams in this league that would kill for ten wins. So put down your silk robe and crumpets and quit acting like a bunch of spoiled brat fans. We’re still gonna make the playoffs, we’re gonna beat some lousy teams, and as I said a long time ago, we only have to beat one team from the AFC to take home the trophy.


phlintern4 said...

I've always wondered why teams don't fake the spike and try to go deep. Watching Mcnabb get plastered to the grass last night I figured that one out.

lucy g said...

i agree with you on pretty much every point, as always hal. way to be positive.

also, for more good things, why don't you write about this. if we were only going to have one win, what better team to get the win against?

Andy said...

Totally no reason to despair - all the losses were on the road and distractions have been at a maximum

eagles suck said...

can we please vote on who to hate the most TO, andy reid, or mcnabb...thankyou