Friday, November 4

Can't Get Enough Gotta Have it: Once You Pop...

We all know that every touchdown begins with T.O., but who knew that every tailgate can begin the same way. These peanuts are guaranteed to outperform their contract and verbally embarrass any other snacks you bring along. Also, if they reach any peanut milestones (most consecutive seasons with superior flavor, highest honey per nut, etc.) they will lash out at the team and then recind their comments later in the day. These nuts were upgraded to questionable earlier in the week when the bratwurst missed practice with a rib contusion. Click here for the peanut brittle, Josh.

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zach said...

I'm not sure who would want Owens, though. He's thrown Jeff Garcia under the bus and waited for the buses to line up to pick up kids to throw McNabb under them. If I was a quarterback and he became my teammate, I'd look out for buses because nothing has changed. This is just T.O. being T.O. It's time for him to grow up, shut up or leave.
-- Joe Theismann