Friday, December 2

Hypothetical: The Final Countdown

Here's the situation: you and four other dudes (plus a bench) holding a 13 point lead with one minute left against the Nba team of your choice. Can you hold on? I say 9 out of ten times they scrape out the victory and maybe that one time you get happy at the free-throw line. They're gonna come hard, shoot threes, and foul. All you gotta do is kill some clock. Can you do it?

Tying in another question, if it goes to overtime, where would you put the over/under and the spread. I'd say them -35, with an over/under of 36


phlintern4 said...

you're gone 2 weeks and that all you have to say?

Dave W said...

13 points in 1 minute? If they miss one shot, or the group of dudes team successfully inbounds the ball and can hit a couple of free throws, there's just not enough time for the nba team to get all the way back. As far as a 5 minute overtime? I think 30+ points is a fair spread. The nba crew would just run down and hit lay-ups over and over.

phlintern4 said...

Here's a not so hypothetical situation:

you have mcmann and detmer playing QB in the snow against the #1 team in the NFC. how many interceptions for TDs can they throw before they take their starters out?

greene said...

whoever phlintern4 is... i like your style.

E-A-G-L-E-S... IGGULS!!!!