Thursday, September 1

Thougts from the Game: Preseason Week 4

Even against second teamers, Mark Simoneau still looks awful. Brutal, brutal game.

I really thought Matt Ware wasn't terrible. He is.

Referee called Matt McCoy for a "Takedown" on a kick return.

The Jets picked up a rookie free agent safety by the name of Atari Bigby. He's from Jamaica, and played for the University of Central Florida, who went a solid 0-11 last year. Some teams just know how to find winners.

Moats is very reminiscent of a young Brian Westbrook, although his cutback instinct seems to be superior.

Really looking forward to the day when we trade Mike McMahon to the Dolphins for a second round pick.

Player of the game goes to fifth-round draft pick Trent Cole, who put up a great effort from the defensive end position. About 10 solid tackles including a few nice hits behind the line and a sack. He's everything Jamaal Green isn't.

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BIGSKARI said...

im drunk, its 9 am. and im in class, wondering what the hell im doing with life then i read your articles and it makes me feel good, i have my mcnabb jersey on hopefully i dont puke all over GOd i love the eagles