Saturday, September 24

From the land of Dixie

It's tough down here in the Washington, DC area. After being inundated with Eagles for the past few weeks, not to mention a so-so "wild card race" with the Phillies, I figured I'd come to visit my former home and see a town full of Redskins fever.. or at least a modicum of remaining Nationals enthusiasm.

Instead, on the way to the suburbs on the Metro, I saw hundreds of dejected Nats fans coming home from a crushing loss, and not more than one or two people with Redskins apparel. Normally, I come down here and get countless hours of enjoyment harassing dejected Skins fans, with them obviously holding Super Bowls over my head. But this time they can't even remember the Super Bowls. It's as if the thought of Joe Gibbs coming back and not immediately winning 50 championships was too much for them to handle and they've just given up. It makes you miss a city that constantly shows emotion, albeit horribly negative half the time. We don't really need to talk about the Caps, because unless you're part of the small group of fans that follow that team, you won't hear about them at all. The Wizards will get a little hype later, but DC is a football town.

In summation: go Eagles, the Phillies will fall short, the Flyers will win the cup, Iverson will dunk on Shaq, and DC will still be the worst sports town on the east coast.

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