Tuesday, September 13

I don't feel so well

For all the talk about keeping players (especially Peyton Manning, Mike Vick, and Tom Brady) safe, the zebras really went out of their way to cause some damage tonight. Anytime you have to go to the replay booth before the game, you might have some problems on your hands. And I'm not just talking about the possiblity for Eagles players getting injured, so I'm not going to touch the fact that Donovan took a helmet square in the chest on the opening drive. Brutal work in the fourth quarter when a false start was called 2 seconds after the snap and players were allowed to maul each other on a play that didn't happen. Kudos as well for letting play continue after a timeout by Andy Reid that featured him standing on the playing field talking to the line judge. He must have swallowed his whistle once Vick got off the field.

The Eagles are a team that's designed to score big and win big. But the only way we can achieve this is by playing smart, because an offense that thrives on 5 yard passes cannot be successful facing 1st and 15. A couple of these penalties featuring a WR not toeing up to the line will be handled, but they killed us last night.

3 terrible communication plays between T.O. and Donnie: Early pick downfield where D. Hall watched the ball out of 5’s hand, broke on it early, and T.O. had no shot. Two identical plays with 81 wide right running a go pattern and Donnie throws a comeback, including the final play of the game. I don’t know if these two were hot reads or by design, but this can’t happen.

Good news from the injury report- #5 is still alive and kicking, despite fears to the contrary after taking a complete flogging last night. Dawk tweaked his ankle, but since Burkholder loaded him up with mongoose blood during the third quarter I predict he'll bounce back.


Anonymous said...

Andy READ???

Hal said...

Nice catch. First chink in the armor.