Wednesday, September 14

Don't Piss on my Head and Tell me it's Raining

While complaining about the lack of attendance (21,169 on Monday and 24,311 last night) during their "push for the pennant," our lovable losers went out and made a pickup that "isn't here to win ball games." If that's the truth, new Phillies Consultant Scott Palmer should fit in great with the gang Wade and Monty have assembled thus far. His role on the team is to analyze why the Phillies don't get the warm embraces Philly fans reserve for winners like the Eagles and Allen Iverson (when he's not skipping practice). Checking the payroll and then the standings might be a good place to start the investigation. Phase two ought to include some chats with David Bell and Mike Lieberthal. That the Phils have an image problem is not news to me, but I thought we were looking for starting pitching, a centerfielder, a third baseman, a catcher, and a leadoff hitter, while it turns out that the big search was really just for better P.R. How this guy cleared waivers is a mystery to me. All I know is that if getting an image makeover is the plan, we should have splurged and gone after whoever Giambi hired.

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