Tuesday, September 13

And I'd like to say...that all of the people of the world...are God's children...thank you. thank you.

David Carradine Overreaction of the game: Message to the zebras: Let the kids work it out. Trotter never even threw a punch and sat 4 quarters. Someone give a head-ups to Kevan Barlow for next Sunday.

Claude Lemieux Cheapshot of the game:Chad Lavalais with a helmet to the chest? Don't we call this stuff? I thought Donnie was one of the faces of the game.

Al Harris Memorial Walking Penalty Flag of the game:
To Artis Hicks, flagged for two lovely drive-killing penalties, on a day when 5 needed all the help he could get.

Sandals and Socks Street Clothes Player of the game: To Ryan Moats, who brought about as much to the table as a uniformed Reno Mahe.

Birds and the Bees Precarious Explanation of the Game: To King Andy, for explaining to Trotter that he would have to sit this one out. That's one of the great passing the buck situations, and it's nice to see Big Red step it up and deliver the news.

The Statue of David Player of the game: To Donnie Mac, who doesn't look good enough to just stand in the pocket and take licks. A little scramble goes a long way my friend.

Milk Carton Lost Player of the game: To Jevon Kearse, who was practically invisible for four quarters, other than when his butterfingers cost him a trip to the endzone after a Mike Vick fumble.

And the Game Ball goes to: Brian Dawkins, with a superhero effort that included 8 tackles, a pick, 2 sacks, a forced fumble, an IV in each arm, 2 passes defensed, and no less than 3 instances in which Greenbleeder special contributor James Iddenden asked why we don’t put him in on offense, all in 3 quarters.

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