Sunday, September 11

Rough start for Flyers?

So our two key off-season pickups have gone down for at least two weeks each...Forsberg and Hatcher. A good sign for the start of the hockey season in Philadelphia? Of course not. But take it with a grain of salt. Forsberg may seem to be injured a lot, but when you're one of the more physically dominant forwards in the game, it's tough to stay healthy all the time. And everyone knows how much physicallity Hatcher brings to the game.

That said, injuries never help a team, unless you're talking about a fluke like Maddox going down for Roethlisberger last season in Pittsburgh. While this could give the team a chance to preview some younger talent during training camp, you'd obviously prefer to keep those veterans in the locker room to build chemistry on what could be considered a newly revamped team. Hitchcock will obviously maintain a tight ship, in terms of chemistry on and off the ice, but we'll all be hoping for a quick and healthy return to the ice for Forsberg and Hatcher.

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