Tuesday, September 27

Don't Say I Never Gave You Anything

Ghostdini Tony Starks Award: To David Akers, for absoluetly the best 23-yard field goal you'll ever see.

Hello??? Is anyone out there Award: Jevon is cleaning up here on his way to the Milk Carton Lifetime Achievement Award. If he doesn’t turn it around quick it looks like we’ve got another Kevin Millwood on our hands.

Behind the Woodshed Hit of the Game:
Sheldon Brown decimating Justin Fargas on a lazy swing pass. Way to put your back into it Sheldon.

Teddy KGB Award: Brian Westbrook…More coming soon on this

Tina Turner Memorial Award: Who gets hit harder than Donovan? Anyone? This guy gets absolutely murdalized every time he steps on the field. Kudos for not getting concussed yet.

Stealers Wheel Award: To Terrell Owens, who couldn't have looked more comfortable in the middle of the Raiders defense if he had a beer and a smoke in his other hand.

Andy Reid Understatment of the Week: "It's going to be a struggle for David to be able to kick this week, and most likely, he won't do that."

World’s Smallest Violin Bonus Award: Message to Rodney Harrison, what goes around comes around. A decade of cheap shots and trash talk apparently equals a torn ACL, MCL, and PCL. Now that’s a triple-threat.

And the Game Ball Goes to: To the O-Line, the only thing this side of the training room that is keeping Donnie vertical. Obvious mention here to David Akers, but if Donnie gets sacked eight times and Koy has to come in, he never gets a chance to limp on the field with 6 seconds left.


Anonymous said...

That game ball needs to go to Brino Westbrook, easily the most exciting thing to hit Philly since Wawa added touch screens to order from the deli.

Hal said...

All due respect to Brian, of course, but the O-Line really made it happen. If Donnie goes out it doesn't matter what Brian does. I never really liked the touch-screens, they take the human element out of it, and don't have an option for 3x hot peppers.

Anonymous said...

Ah Hal, I'm touched that you would even consider the Teddy KGB award.
Be home soon.

Anonymous said...

Never liked the touch screens? the human element is the worst part. somehow telling the deli guy "no mayo" means "slab that shit on like its going out of style."

Anonymous said...

lite mayo option on the touch screen is crucial