Wednesday, September 28

It's That Bad today confirmed that #5 is suffering from a sports hernia, which he is expected to play with this Sunday, and for as long as he can after that. Team Trainer Rick Burkholder noted that"it is not comfortable. Rest does not alleviate the problem." Donnie has balked at surgery, the only true fix, as it would put him on ice for the next two months or so. Unless this leads to a change in playcalling, I'll put him on schedule to fall into approximately 1,500 pieces at about 10:30PM on Febuary 5th, 2006. On the disaster scale, with Pinkston's injury at a 2, and Rodney Harrison's at a 7, this is about a 29.5.


BIGSKARI said...

well we can all look foward to a lot of passes to the feet

boxinglover9 said...

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