Thursday, September 22

The Kid Swings a Mean Stick

Get all you can of Ryan Howard this year, because come next spring he'll be hanging out on the pine expressway. If this was the NFL, Thome would have been given the ax back in May; instead, he'll cripple us for the next 3 years. Hopefully it will be Thome, and not young Ryan who is traded for Tanyon Sturtze in December. That trade would be the highlight of Ed Wade's "career." And I don't want to hear any complaining about Thome killing our payroll, because this is baseball and it doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

ryan howard will be riding the pine IF thome is healthy the entire season. that's a BIG if.

they should work this offseason trying to unload thome for 50 cents on the dollar, then let him play when that doesn't succeed. see if thome can get hot for an extended stretch, and unload him on a team looking for a power hitting left handed 1st baseman.

Hal said...

Sounds fantastic. I'd be happy with Thome geting injured or traded (and I'd take 10 cents on the dollar). Just let the young kids play. And get some pitching depth.