Tuesday, August 30

Who Slams Harder?

In the spirit of Jim Johnson's new dedication to toughness, here's an old article describing one of my all-time favorite Eagles hits. As if the hit wasn't tough enough on Vick, the play was called back for holding, negating the touchdown. And watching Dawkins sprint along the goal line, it was completely clear that he had no intention of preventing the score, and just wanted to put into Vick's mind that this is not the Edward Jones Dome, and you can't just go hopping around all day. Hollis Thomas didn't take it any easier on him last year, absolutely mauling him at the 5 yard line, in case he needed a reminder. Not to mention Dawkins giving Alge Crumpler a nice technicolor yawn on a floater over the middle from Vick. It's hits like these that make Jim J's new approach all the more interesting, as you wonder just how much more damage the Birds can inflict. And even though no one cares about the preseason, it's worthwile to note that the first team defense has only let up 3 points so far.

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