Monday, August 22

Phillies? Nah

Who wants to make bets with me on whether or not the Phillies make the playoffs? Key determining factors: A) Roger Clemens on steroids? B) Houston @ Philadelphia Sept 5-7 C) 10 million divisional series remaining D) Managing to continue winning even though 24 out of 37 remaning games are on the road E) Citizen's Bank Park spontaneously creating a titanium shield in the outfield to prevent away teams from hitting dingers.

I predict the fightins' put up a valiant effort, capturing the hearts and attention of the loyal Philadelphia fans, and end up .000009 games out of the Wild Card. Go eagles

PS Maybe if we still had the guy on the right, and not the guy on the left, i'd be more excited

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Hal said...

A) Possibly, although I'd lean towards stem-cell shooters.

B)Maybe the Astros 3 number-one pitchers will rub off and bring our 3 number-threes up to a two. Do we have anyone that could pitch a playoff game for them?

C)Somehow I'm not as concerned about the Marlins. The Nats and Mets are always beatable, and with the Braves you just hope to squeak out with a win. Having David Bell guard the cooler might be a good start.

D)Bigger outfields could give Lieber a chance with that middle-in sinker when its not quite sinking

E)How about putting someone in left field who can touch the flowers. Does Pat let Mike Lieberthal borrow his cement shoes for baserunning, or do they each have their own pair?