Wednesday, August 17

Flyers Flyers Flyers

Is it possible that we now have the best team in the Eastern Conference?? Think about it….who could be better? I can think of two teams that have noticeably improved this tumultuous off-season (or off-year rather): the Maple Leafs, and the Bruins if they do indeed sign Modano. But they haven’t even come close to improving like the Flyers did. Other than Niedermayer, I can’t think of another defenseman that I’d rather have than Hatcher. He’s big, he fits Hitchcock’s system very well, and he even played for him when Hitch won the Cup with the Stars. Every draft-pick that the Flyers made this season either led their previous team or came close to it in PIMs, meaning they’re not afraid to mix it up in the corners and when the gloves drop. While the league is supposed to make a big push towards being more offensive and opening up, the only real solution to what critics of the NHL say as a game that’s too slow is Olympic sized rinks, not minor rule changes and make goalies where smaller pads. So the defensive style that the Flyers have been perfecting for the past few seasons will still be extremely successful I think. Critics of the Flyers say “Who’s going to score?” And Bobby Clarke has answered, powerfully, with who could easily be considered the most dominant forward in the game today, Peter Forsberg. It’s like we never even had washed up old number 88. The only possible knock on Forsberg is that he’s been slightly banged up the past few seasons, but I would think a good year of no NHL has made him heal up nicely. The Flyers haven’t had a true scorer like Forsberg in years, and the prospect of him on a wing with Gagne on the other side just makes me think that Gagne will improve, in addition to whoever centers the line. If it were Primeau, I can’t think of any reason why they shouldn’t score every time they touch the ice. I’m pumped for this season….and if the Lightning can’t manage to re-sign both Lecavelier and Khabibuhlin they’re probably toast, as that phenom of a goalie was their backstop through thick and thin. GO FLYERS

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andres morales of washington dc said...

maybe this is the year of the orange? who has the ability to stop them? the lightning still have to sign their goalie, the bruins haven't signed modano yet, the maple leafs are trying to win with lindros..., new jersey is... well new jersey, the state smells bad, you can't turn left, and you cant pump your own gas, the rangers have jagr..., washington is realying on young talent to do the job backed with a half decent goalie and halpern, so the only other competive team is the penguins. they will be looking to tear it up in the east and i think that the only threat they will have are the flyers. this could be the start to a pennsylvania rivalry.