Sunday, August 28

Do you see what happens?

King Andy memo to Eagles malcontents: We do not need you. You can only be a pain in the ass for so many preseaons in a row before management sends you out in the real world to find out one of two things: 1) Your talent is irrelevant, and it is the scheme, and not you that makes the difference (Shaun Barber, Jeremiah Trotter, Hugh Douglas) or 2) You were already overpaid, and you're about to see what your real market value is (Corey Simon in two weeks). What Joe Banner is planning to do with this money I have no idea, but I'd say Hollis and Westbrook have already knocked on his door a couple times. We'll miss the talent that Corey brought to the table, and if he had played first and second downs as hard as he did third and fourth, I think they would have locked him up a while back. As far as his future, the Ravens and the Bills loom as possibilities, and I'd put about 30-1 odds on him having a conference call with Trot and Hugh about the best route to crawl to Andy's office without scuffing up your suit.

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