Tuesday, August 16

R.I.P. Aaron McKie 1997-2005

And just like that he's gone. This was a dude who point blank got it done. Did everything you could ask for during the finals run, and did absolutely nothing but get absolutely embarassed by guys half his age for the next four years. This is a dude about whom i could really get the cliche machine warmed up for, because he's a physical, impact player who came to play every night, and when the game was on the line he always gave 110 percent.

But this was a dude who philly fans loved, from gratz to temple and eventually to the sixers, and he will be missed.

As far as NBA amnesty day goes, how Aaron got the axe and Allan Houston slipped out of the guillotine just in time for his afternoon MRI i have no idea. For all of Isiah's brutal moves, not letting go of the most overpaid player in all of pro sports that doesn't play third base or catcher for the phillies may end up being his signature move on a resume that includes paying 14.6 million per for Penny Hardaway's knees.

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