Monday, August 29

Thoughts from the game

If I was a head coach who knew that the other team was going deep on the first play of the game, a play which leaves a safety in man to man deep coverage would not be my first choice.

Trotter is ready. Really, really ready. Looking at the schedule, we only play two true pass-first teams this year (Rams and Niners, with the Raiders as a possibility). 54 could put up 175 tackles this year. I'm absolutely not kidding.

The phrase that comes to mind most often when I see Terrell Owens on the field is "in another class." He really makes defenses look meager. Once he gets into the secondary, he's got a phsyical advantage over any single player.

Great pick by Lito in the flat while in zone coverage. Wiped out by hands to the face by Rod Hood.

45! Thornburg again made a big play, coming of the edge to stuff a run for a five yard loss. He's this years Jason Short on ST. I hope Jason Short can be this years Ike Reese.

Finally a big play from second round pick Matt McCoy (LB #51). Was not fooled at all by play action inside the 5 yard line, and smothered Craig Krenzel for a 7 yard loss.

Another guy making defenses look like high schoolers is Ryan Moats. Can't wait to see him against first-teamers.

No awards this week, but a tip of the cap to Greg Lewis for his one-handed 27 yard TD catch. Said Lewis: "so I decided to catch it with one hand. It was just the usual for me."


BIGSKARI said...

i think 175 is a conservative estimate for trotters tackles

Hal said...

Well, Ray Lewis broke the 175 barrier once (184 in 1997). Conservative is a tough word to use here, but you gotta love the optimism.