Thursday, August 25

Well, we do need a power back

"I've gotten to a point where I realize that happiness doesn't come from the outside."
It comes from the inside, where I can hide from everyone and mostly just not play football. As far as things that will never happen, I've been wondering how high a draft pick it would take to swing Ricky and David Boston our way. I'd say a 3rd should do it, but maybe Miami will want a second rounder back now that they realize how bad we fleeced them on the A.J. Feeley trade. Ricky and David could really help #81 take his circus on the road. They would all be too shy to ever talk to each other. And the crazy thing is, I have so much faith in King Andy that I honestly believe he could handle it.
Thanks to Lucy for the quote and pic.

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lucy g said...

ha, thanks for the shout out hal.
i love ricky. now that he has learned acupuncture or massage therapy or whatever he can come use that ish on me anytime.
hope you are doing well. come visit us in ny sometime