Thursday, August 25

Hood is the truth, but here's why I love Sheldon

Here's something you'll never hear out of Deion: "Who wants to just be a corner and do nothing but cover receivers?" Sheldon is a corner right out of the Jim Johnson Brian Dawkins books of Eagles defense. What's even better about his play is that it follows up the "make a big play or get burnt" technique employeed by Bobby "The Blanket" Taylor during his final Eagles seasons. I don't want to take anything away from his glory days, but Bobby and Troy were brutal once Lito and Sheldon came aboard (think NFC championship vs. Carolina). Much praise to the old lions for taking the time to be solid mentors to the youngsters, but thank god Sheldon and Lito learned from their words and not from their examples. Be sure to read the rest of what Sheldon had to say here.

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