Saturday, August 20

Game Balls: Eagles @ Ravens

Tim Hauck Memorial Hit of the Game:
Trotter absolutely laying out Derrick Mason on a 10 yard curl in the 2nd. 54 came from the middle and just ruined him. Great microphone pick-up too.

Hennison Valley Eggs Scramble of the Game:
Donnie saw a lane up the middle and took it for 27 yards. He may be a little husky, but the man can gobble up some serious yards when he gets going. And I maintain that although he doesn't need to run to be effective, he does need the threat of the run to keep the D honest.

Charmin Tissue Soft Player of the Game:
To a guy who I never thought would see this hardware: Jason Short. He still gets it done on Special Teams, but today that was about it. He blew a couple tackles by going for the jugular when he should have just wrapped up, and was out of position more than a few times. Still, I really like this guy, even more now that I found out that he considers himself a starter because "I start on special teams." I'll give him every chance to turn it around, but did anyone else realize that this guy is 27?

Preparation H Pain in the Ass of the Game:

Brian Billick, for making the Eagles take LB Martin Patterson off the field in the 4th because we had two players on wearing #51 (3rd Round Pick Matt McCoy was the other). Fortunately it led to the...

Sharing is Caring Benevolent Act of the Game:
Jeremiah Trotter for lending his jersey to Martin Patterson so he could go back on to smash a little more. Real role model stuff.

Patrick Swayze Ghost of the Game:

Reggie Brown, where are you? No catches? None? On the bright side, averaging 2.5 catches for 24 yards is still not bad as a rookie WR for King Andy.

Stevie Wonder Lost Player of the Game:
With all the talk about cutback runners picking up big yardage how does Mark Simoneau get overlooked as the best creater of cutback lanes in the league. This man is consistently out of position on run plays and the fact that he can't stand out while playing with the second teamers really says it all. I don't see how you can keep him around with all the young talent we have at the position. Cut him, and give his money to Westbrook or Hollis Thomas, because he is stealing right now.

And the Game Ball Goes to:

Michael Lewis, the only Eagle starter without a sack last season, who showed up big tonight with a pick, a sack, a forced fumble, and a couple tackles. Not bad work for a quarter and change.

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