Saturday, August 20

Quick Thoughts from the game

Westbrook made Ray Lewis look downright childish during his 51-yard touchdown run. Poor Rayray was beat so bad he didn't even bother chasing him into the endzone.

Young Jeremy Thornburg (FS #45) really attacks the run; he's made big plays on the other side of the ball in both games. He looked bad on a slot coverage play in the redzone, but it's nice to see intensity from the youngsters, and the cover skills will come with time.

Andy Hall (QB #9) is listed as having played for Delaware, but he must have taken some summer classes at the Jake Plummer School of Making Bad Decisions While Getting Sacked. He will toss a brutal left-handed interception at some point if he gets enough reps.

Calvin Armstrong (OT #76) took his man completely off his feet coming back to help Andy on an early 4th quarter incompletion. Great awareness, better crunch.

There were some kind of mutant Chesapeake skeeters on field during most of the game. Donovan made mention of it in an interview, these things looked like flying danishes.

Moats looks good. Really, really, good. And its not just the 23 jersey. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Westbrook play together and create some ludicrous matchup problems leading to us throwing the ball 55 times a game.

Nice effort by the refs to make up for their blown lateral call in the first half by calling two imaginary calls on the Ravens final drive (roughing the passer and defensive delay of game "knocking the ball out of the referee's hand").

I caught a little bit of the Niners-Broncos game on NFL Network. Praise for the niners included a great over the shoulder catch about 3 yards out of bounds as well as a "stickum" grab for 2 yards. Even in pro sport's worst division, its gonna be a looong season for Alex Smith and the boys in red and gold.

When WR Justin Jenkins went down and was carted off the field he had a look on his face that can only be described as "I can't believe I worked my ass of all summer to lose my job to Chris Samp."

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Hal said...

Chris Samp has now been cut twice, this time replaced by Michael Gasperson.