Thursday, February 9

The Time has Come

Monday Night Football as we know it is over forever. Long gone are the days of Al Michaels quietly commenting on the game with Madden romancing on and on about Turduckens. So it's going to be on ESPN now, and ESPN's Sunday night game will be on network TV. Granted, for most of the population, this switch over is fairly meaningless, as we all get both ESPN and network television. This event, however, is more momentous than it seems. Sure, Madden and Michaels are gone, but in to replace them are Tony Kornheiser, Mike Tirico, and Joe Theismann. Everyone knows these guys. We've heard Tirico doing college football, golf, and commentating, and he will be doing the play-by-play. Theismann and Kornheiser will be the color guys.

I'm sure we can all agree that Madden's banter was becoming a little stale, if not played out. He's a funny guy, a Hall of Famer, and he cuts Turduckens in half with his bare hands. But I'm fairly certain we've heard all that Madden has to say. I wish him a fond farewell, but seriously, Tony Kornheiser on TV for more hours???? What else could we possibly wish for? If you've ever been to DC you might have heard him on the WIP of that area. Obviously you've seen him on PTI, and maybe you've read his column that's published in the Washington Post. There's been a TV sitcom based on his life, he's an accomplished journalist and author, and he's a short bald Jewish guy. Really, could you think of anyone better to talk about football.

Now this all seems great, but I have a serious fear here. Kornheiser, to my knowledge, is quite unexperienced with live game commentary. Now, I think he'll do fine, and will be quite entertaining. But there's the doomsday scenario, and that scares me. What if this new MNF cast bombs, Kornheiser and Theismann hate each other, Tirico gets a broken nose trying to break them up, and they find a rotting Turducken tucked under their chairs. Here's the point. Kornheiser is a valuable part of our sports-loving community. So the problem is if they fail, and the public doesn't like them, will Kornheiser's brilliant role in my life be diminished? Will PTI be taken off the air? Will his column no longer be syndicated?

I am honestly scared of this. On the surface, this new cast seems so great, and I honestly believe they will be. But if that one in a million happens, don't come crying to me saying you miss Tony.


Hal said...

You got it- although I would have taken Bush and Cheney over the old sunday night crew.

"Watch how we get canned here! Are you watching? I'm gonna show you right here. And....Now!"
-Paul Maguire

Cameron said...

Besides, everyone knows that madden commentary for the past four years has actually been made by the software engineer's at EA games, playing the next prototype madden on an Xbox in real time. Any images of the overweight chicken-in-duck-in-turkey loving ex-coach were spliced in footage of a drunk Joe Namuth in a fat suit,